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When you need compassionate counsel and results-oriented legal representation during your divorce, turn to Shapiro Family Law. Our highly experienced attorneys provide strong legal support and fierce advocacy for people facing divorce and other troublesome family law problems.

We can handle all aspects of a divorce in Denver, including negotiation, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. Our attorneys will seek to achieve a satisfactory resolution of all of your issues promptly and efficiently.

We can help you through a divorce, legal separation, or a post-decree modification. Contact us today at 303-695-0200 to schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer in Denver. Our firm serves clients throughout Colorado.

Fault Is Not an Issue in a Colorado Divorce

Colorado is a “no-fault” divorce state, which means that neither spouse must allege fault of the other to obtain a divorce in Colorado. As a no-fault divorce state, a court clerk only needs to find that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” to grant a divorce during the divorce case, which Colorado calls a “dissolution of marriage.”

You may handle all aspects of your divorce on your own, but having an experienced family law attorney can help you with Colorado divorce papers, along with:

  • Protect your legal interests
  • Negotiate with your spouse’s divorce attorney
  • And make sure you receive all the benefits you deserve under Colorado law

We Can Help You Solve Complex Divorce Problems

As a Colorado divorce attorney, we represent families in divorce cases involving straightforward issues, as well as more complex problems. While each divorce in Denver has unique circumstances, for the most part, these cases present each spouse with common aspects, they must make hard decisions on. These include:

During divorce proceedings, parents have to make hard decisions about their children. This is why child support and child custody agreements can be contentious subjects to negotiate during divorce proceedings. During the initial status conference and the divorce process, we can provide legal guidance for both child support and child custody as you make decisions to ensure we act in the best interests of your children.

Divorce in Colorado

Under state law, Colorado calculates child support by combining both parents’ monthly gross income. Then using a statutory formula to determine how much support each parent will contribute. 

Determining child support may become complicated when a parent draws disability benefits or does not work a traditional job, but is self-employed or unemployed. Our divorce attorneys will explain how this calculation works and walk you through each step of this process.

In custodial issues, couples make decisions on which parent will have primary parental responsibilities and which parent has parenting time, or visitation. Parents can share decision-making for their children.

When parents cannot reach an agreement on this issue, a judge will make the final decision. We can help drive the negotiation process forward so you can come to an agreement before a judge gets involved.

Whatever the nature of your case, our attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and ability to offer creative solutions to your unique problems. From an uncontested divorce in Colorado to a separation agreement, the team of family law attorneys at Shapiro Family Law is here to help.

Helping You Make a Successful Transition to Life After Divorce

When you visit Shapiro Family Law for a legal consultation, we will gather relevant information about your unique situation through an initial status conference. Information about your children, your finances, and your goals as you file for divorce.

You may also ask questions and express your concerns. We will then develop a plan to resolve all outstanding issues in the most positive manner possible, helping you avoid common mistakes along the way.

The Divorce Process

We know that the divorce process can become contentious because of the emotional pain a dissolution of a marriage or a legal separation can bring. A contested divorce, where couples find it difficult to settle issues, tends to drag out in court and cause problems for all parties involved, including the children.

To solve the issues amicably, we offer divorce mediation services. Divorce mediation is an alternative to the more adversarial court route.

Mediation Can Help You Avoid a Courtroom

Mediation allows divorcing couples the ability to handle their issues during private sessions with a neutral third party, called a mediator. While opposing parties can resolve outstanding issues on their own, with the assistance of a mediator, each party can bring their divorce attorney for expert legal advice.

The mediator cannot offer legal advice, make decisions for the couple, or testify in the couple’s case. Mediation can begin before filing a complaint for divorce or legal separation. Our attorneys handle cases through a variety of avenues of resolution, including mediation.

High Net Worth Divorce Representation

Our lawyers have considerable experience representing clients with a high net worth or high income who are seeking a divorce. With more assets and marital property, high net-worth cases have inherent complexities that only well-established lawyers like ours can handle.

Colorado is an “equitable distribution” state. Meaning the court will divide marital property in a fair and equitable manner. While usually, it is an equal division, it is not necessarily so. Marital property includes houses, vehicles, bank accounts, and financial investments.

Shapiro Family Law works diligently to protect separate property that a spouse brought into the marriage and is not considered marital property. Our firm has access to a network of experts we can call upon, to ensure a fair and equitable distribution process, such as:

  • Business Valuation Specialists
  • Forensic Accountants Appraisers
  • and Psychologists

In Colorado divorce cases where difficulties arise, and couples cannot resolve differences, we will advise you of your options, assist in obtaining a fair settlement agreement, or proceed to court when necessary.

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