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Child Support Attorneys in Denver

The State of Colorado wants to ensure that money is provided for the care of children when parents divorce. Our statute requires parents to contribute to the support of their children based on the incomes of the parents and other factors. However, determining the amount of child support can involve much more than merely plugging numbers into a formula.

Whether you are the payor or the recipient of child support, Shapiro Family Law in Denver can help you. Call us at 303-309-9580. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience representing parents in child support matters, including:

Helping You Achieve Your Child Support Goals

Our lawyers are dedicated to providing effective representation in all aspects of child support. When representing you, we will make sure to account for all income and expenses, including medical costs, day care expenses and educational costs. Our goal will be to obtain a child support order that is fair and coincides with the guidelines as they appear in the statutes.

There can be more complex aspects to child support, such as when a parent:

  • Works in a seasonal occupation or has income that varies widely from period to period
  • Has deliberately chosen to work in a poorly paying occupation below his or her capabilities
  • Attempts to hide income for the purpose of minimizing the child support amount

Our law firm has experience in these and other child support matters.

Modifying the Amount of Child Support

When a significant change in circumstances occurs, it may be possible for a parent to petition the court for a modification in child support. For example, an increase or decrease in a parent's income, or a change in the number of overnights a child spends with the noncustodial parent may provide sufficient grounds for a modification. Courts routinely grant such requests, though it is possible to successfully challenge a modification petition.

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