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Legal Separation in Colorado

A legal separation in Colorado encompasses many of the same legal issues that a divorce does-the only difference is, it does not end your marriage. Similar to cases of divorce, it leads to division of property, establishes custody and child support, and addresses issues of maintenance, formerly known as alimony. Some people may opt for a legal separation instead of a divorce when they want to keep medical insurance coverage, or for religious reasons.

The same concerns and issues that are addressed during the divorce process can be addressed in a legal separation agreement. With a legal separation you remain married, but live apart, and either party can eventually convert the separation to a divorce, but no earlier than six months after entry of the decree of legal separation.

It is important to make sure you are satisfied with the terms of your separation agreement, which will contain provisions that will affect your family and finances, including child custody and visitation rights, divisions of assets, and maintenance (otherwise known as spousal support or alimony). Our aim is for you to enter a legal separation agreement that ensures and protects your family's stability, while avoiding the financial loss and hardship that often may accompany divorce.

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There are several reasons why people may want to choose a legal separation over divorce. Many people choose legal separation for financial concerns. Others may want to preserve their marital status while maintaining separate lives for religious or moral reasons. No matter the case, we can help. Please contact us to schedule a consultation: 303-695-0200.