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Paternity Attorney Denver- Mother’s and Father’s Rights in Colorado

If you're looking for a parental rights lawyer in Colorado, the family law attorneys at Shapiro Law can help. When it comes to mother's and father's rights in Colorado, our experts can help parents benefit fully and fairly from the law. We'll assist in establishing paternity, custody, visitation rights and financial responsibility for the child.

What Is A Paternity Suit?

A paternity suit is a legal action taken to determine the legal father of the child. Usually, a paternity suit is pursued to establish legal and financial responsibility to the child. A child is able to inherit through a parent who is legally determined to be such through the law. A paternity suit can be used to establish visitation rights or to seek child support. Several people can file a paternity suit, the mother, potential father or child; all may have an interest in establishing paternity. In the case of contentious adoptions, government agencies may file paternity suits.

The paternity is established through certain sets of factors and/or DNA tests. If the man is established as the father, the court will work with the parties to establish custody and financial responsibility. Financial responsibility can date back to the child's birth date and can include costs of the birth etc.

Understanding Your Rights And Responsibilities

There are very specific laws regarding establishment of paternity. Once paternity is established, that child is legally your child. The child can inherit through you, you can have visitation, and custody can be determined. Also there is a legal obligation of support, i.e. a duty to pay child support. There are important time frames that must be considered as well.

We know that spending time with your child is important. When it comes to mother's and father's rights in Colorado, the experts at Shapiro Law can help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Give us a call today at 303-309-9580 or contact us online.