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What Our Clients Say:

I can't imagine what my life would be like without Laura Shapiro's help. Like many of us I ended up in a relationship that went sideways. When your friends talk about horrible divorce stories... I'm one of those. It is an understatement to say that I owe my current HAPPY life and state of mind to Laura Shapiro. Laura is smart, experienced, tenacious and above all compassionate. I would not have my kids or my career without her. When you really need somebody to help you, call her.

Very knowledgeable, understanding, and efficient! I have used Shapiro Family Law on two occasions now - a divorce and then a custody battle. In both cases, everyone I dealt with was extremely professional, knew their stuff, and worked with nothing but compassion through an extremely rough time. I could email or call them at any time and get immediate responses to my questions or concerns, the billing was always fair and honest, and the time billed was always at the lowest reasonable rate. I felt through the entire process fully supported, defended, and understood. The Shapiro team negotiated strongly for me, gave great advice all the way through, and had a very strong and professional presence during the court hearings.

As a father going through a divorce and a custody battle, I felt the odds were very much unfairly stacked against me. Having the Shapiro team on my side evened the odds out and allowed me to win back my family.

I can't thank them all enough for bringing hope and stability back to my life and my children's.

Laura and her staff have helped me during the difficult times in my life. Laura understood my circumstances with compassion and kindness, and gave very helpful advice both lawful and personal. She represented me well that I could protect and keep my legal rights. I highly recommend Laura as a lawyer.

The Shapiro Law Firm achieved some amazing results for my son and me in a triply-complicated parenting time, decision-making, and child support case. The collaborative environment of the firm's members was instrumental in achieving those results. Laura and Paralegal Kristi Jensen worked together to inform me on options for settlement pre-trial and kept me advised on how to save money through the process. Kristi proposed some outstandingly creative settlement terms beyond the legalities of the case. When all serious avenues of negotiation failed, Laura took the case confidently to court. Laura's litigation skills focused precisely around the points of law, and her reputation with the court allowed me to leave the courtroom with all of the changes I had asked for, including an 80% reduction of my child support. A three stage appeal followed, and that's when the writing and research skills of associate James Cordes entered the scene. His briefs emphasized the important points of law while saving me a great deal of money. In the end, and without expensive follow-up appearances, the judge issued a second and more detailed set of findings which gave me even more than I had originally asked for. That changed the tone of my case and created a new future for my family. James also continues to help from time to time as required, and he is a very pragmatic and practical attorney.

Laura and her team is top notch. They are very easy to work with, returned calls promptly, and did an outstanding job - I highly recommend Shapiro Family Law!

Unfortunately, in your profession most of the time you are dealing with utter destruction of families (as it was with my case), I think it's time that you should also experience the joy that you have helped create in my life. Parental alienation is a tough thing to overcome, however, my patience has been rewarded! I have been re-instated as dad to most of my children and grandpa to the grandkids. I talk with each one on a weekly basis and even though we cannot reclaim what was lost in the past, we can always look forward to the future. Thanks for your help, hope it gives you comfort that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the work you do make a difference in people's lives.

Grateful for your help!

I am a successful business women, who gave up her own business at 39 to start a family. Now at 55 I am starting my life over again. If it were not for Laura Shapiro and her team, I know that I would not have come through this process in the positive and successful manner in which I did. It was apparent to me from the very first meeting that I was in great hands. Laura knows the law, knows the process, is well connected with the best expert specialists and knows how to extract the truth to make sure I got everything that I was entitled to.

My divorce was not simple. Our division of property included my husband's business, a home that was upside down, maintenance, (due to the fact that I had not worked in the market place for 14 years), and a husband asking for 50/50 custody. My husband rarely provided complete or accurate information. He spent thousands of dollars on his mistress, took lavish vacations and ran every expense through his business. My husband has been a very difficult and angry man. Nevertheless, Laura was able to extrapolate all the misrepresentations, and provide the court with a true and clear picture.

Laura is a very experienced litigator. In court she was extraordinary. She was knowledgeable, organized, well prepared and always in total control of every situation. Even after permanent orders were issued, Laura has still been there to support and make sure that I am being paid the money the courts ordered. I was awarded ALMOST EVERYTHING, that I had asked for. I am now looking forward to starting my life over again.

I was referred to Laura Shapiro by a former Denver area Family Law Attorney who said "She is the best family law Attorney in Denver". He could not have been more correct in his assessment. Laura Shapiro has more than lived up to her reputation in my high conflict divorce proceedings. Subsequent to my divorce, I was party to further legal issues in a child custody hearing. Laura and her staff represented me in two Parental Responsibility Evaluations, mediation attempts, and litigation. Additionally they have represented me in three contempt of court cases as well. Her expertise as a litigator proved to be priceless as she expertly presented and defended my case in court over two days. The judge ruled in our favor, and I as the father was granted sole decision making and majority parenting time. Laura's ability to discern complex issues, and her knowledge and application of the law, is truly superior. She supported by a highly experienced and attentive staff of attorneys and paralegals that provide a dedicated team to every client. She also maintains high ethical and moral standards, and believes in integrity and honest representation. The respect she has earned from Judges and Magistrates along the front range, is well deserved. I highly recommend The law firm of Laura Shapiro to anyone needing representation. From the simplest of uncontested divorces, to high conflict cases like mine, you will be represented by a highly qualified and experienced staff, second to none.