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Archive for November 2016

When it comes to adoption, a thorough legal review is essential

Woman playing with child on lap

Adam Crapser is a 41 year-old living in Washington, married with naturalized citizen children. Even though a United States family adopted him 37 years ago, he faces deportation to South Korea, a country where he was born but has no memories, no connection besides a birth certificate. In short, this is because his adoptive parents…

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Considering a prenuptial agreement before your Colorado marriage?

Prenuptial Agreement Form

Prenuptial agreements are not just for celebrities. Prenups, or premarital agreements as Colorado law calls them, are often used by Colorado couples as a way to negotiate before marriage the rights to money, income, assets and property as well as the responsibility for debts in case of separation, divorce, death or another chosen event. Why…

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