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Archive for December 2016

Gimmick wedding dates more likely to divorce

Heart ballon floating into the sky

Did you know that marriages occurring on Valentine’s Day or special number days like 12/13/14, etc. are more likely to fail than a wedding on any other random date? Economists from the University of Melbourne published a report which indicates their study found weddings on date fads are five times more likely to crumble. Couples…

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Remaining financially secure during divorce

piggy bank

Divorce comes with many hurdles and things to consider, especially if you made the decision (mutually or individually) around the holidays. You are not alone. The end of the year not only represents holiday stress and cheer but also assessment of years’ gone by, reflection and starting anew with the pending New Year. When you…

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What is legal separation?

Man signing document

When couples start to think their marriage is near its end, sometimes they move to separate homes. This physical separation is not a status change in the eyes of the law. Legal separation is a process that recognizes a new marital relationship and allows for continuation of some benefits while officially separating most financial and…

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