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Archive for May 2018

How Do I File for Child Custody?

Child Holding Parents Hands Together

You can file for child custody during a divorce or a legal separation. If you are a parent but not married to the child’s other parent, you can still file a petition for custody. In fact, if a child has been in your care for six months or longer, in the last six months, you…

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If You Have Joint Custody Who Pays Child Support?

Child Holding Hands With Parents walking down the street

Why Do I Need to Pay Child Support If I Have Shared Physical Custody of My Children? How Is Child Support Calculated in Joint Custody Cases? Does Shared Physical Custody Change My Basic Child Support Payments? How Will a Change in My Income Affect My Joint Responsibilities? How Is Child Support Calculated for Parents? How…

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What Does Child Support Cover?

Woman calculating bills

In Colorado, child support covers expenses related to a child’s food, clothing, housing, public school education, and health insurance. While these are basic expenses, there are more specific costs associated with each category. For example, when it comes to the general category of housing, child support is designed to contribute to costs for monthly mortgage…

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