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Archive for July 2018

How Long Do You Have to Pay Spousal Support?

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How long you have to pay spousal support depends on a few different factors. You can pay spousal support for a short time or continue making payments even after you retire. A judge takes a number of factors into consideration before determining the amount and duration of monthly spousal support payments. One primary factor is…

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How Is Spousal Support Calculated?

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Colorado courts calculate spousal support using statutory guidelines. Based on how long the couple has been married, the income of each spouse, and other specific factors, the Court will decide how much the higher-earning spouse may have to pay. For help understanding how spousal support is calculated during a divorce, contact Shapiro Family Law. Our…

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What Is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce?

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There is one significant difference between legal separation and divorce in Colorado: A divorce legally dissolves a marriage, but a legal separation does not. Couples who divorce are free to remarry. Couples who are legally separated are still married to each other, even though they are living independently and have gone their separate ways. Legally…

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How Do I File for Legal Separation?

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You can file for legal separation at the district court in the county where you and your spouse live, or where your spouse lives. Under state law, you must have lived in Colorado for at least 91 days before you can file a petition for your separation. Before you file the paperwork, you might want…

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