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Archive for July 2019

How Do I Value and Divide Stocks for a Divorce?

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It is rarely a straightforward process to value and divide stocks for a divorce. Even when it seems like it should be on the surface, there are often hurdles you must clear. Before you agree to a division during settlement talks, you should discuss your options with a Denver divorce attorney familiar with high-asset and…

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Do You Need a Property Appraiser for Your Divorce?

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A property appraiser can make a difference in your divorce. The marital home and any other real property may be components of the marital estate. In many cases, the family home is the largest joint asset to deal with during a divorce. Knowing exactly how much it is worth is important. A property appraisal can…

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Do You Need a Forensic Accountant for Your Divorce?

Forensic Accountant

Whether you need a forensic accountant for your divorce depends on the circumstances. A forensic accountant can be a crucial part of your team when you are navigating a high asset or complicated divorce, or if you suspect your spouse is hiding income or assets. Forensic accountants provide litigation support, expert witness testimony or help…

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