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Archive for August 2019

What Does Equitable Distribution Mean in Colorado

People dividing marital property

Colorado is an “equitable division” state. Some states follow community property laws instead. In Colorado, there is no assumption that property is divided equally.   Equitable distribution states do not assume all property obtained during the marriage is marital property. The result is that Colorado divides marital assets and debts in a way that is…

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Is Colorado a “No Fault” Divorce State?

A parent walking away from the family

Yes, Colorado is a “no-fault” divorce state. The Court does not assign fault to either spouse during divorce proceedings and does not consider any alleged bad behavior when handling divorce proceedings. This can help reduce the acrimony that occurs during court proceedings, and it also makes it easier for judges to navigate complex asset division…

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Understanding the Divorce Mediation Process

Two people meeting with a mediator

It’s no secret that divorce is one of the hardest things you and your family will ever go through. Even in the most amicable of circumstances, the changes within your family structure can be tough. It makes sense, then, that you’d want to make the divorce process as easy as possible. But hashing things out in court…

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