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Private School Tuition After Divorce

Private School

Colorado statutes require parents to share the cost of education and childcare following a divorce. However, many parents still have questions and concerns when it comes to how to pay for their children’s private school tuition after divorce. This is a common cause of disputes during divorce and custody cases in Denver. Both the Colorado…

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How Divorce Affects Health Insurance

Health Insurance

If you are worried that a soon-to-be-former spouse will retaliate against you by canceling your health insurance during the divorce, Colorado law has you covered. Colorado Revised Statutes 14-10-107 (4)(b)(I)(D) forbids the cancellation of health insurance that provides coverage for spouses and dependent children. Additionally, spouses cannot allow the insurance to lapse by not paying…

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Contested Divorce vs. Uncontested Divorce

Decision between contested and uncontested divorce

Couples have many decisions to make during a divorce. Whether you and your spouse agree on issues will determine whether it is a contested divorce or uncontested divorce. Couples have a contested divorce when there are disputes over any issues that need to be resolved before the divorce is finalized. In an uncontested divorce, the…

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What Happens to Pension Plan Benefits During Divorce?

Pension plan in a divorce

Retirements accounts are often a married couple’s largest asset, and they are also one of the most complex. While they are marital property, splitting a pension can be a complicated process. No matter if you are the owner of the pension account or if you are seeking a portion of your spouse’s employer-sponsored retirement, dealing…

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Dividing Rental Property During a Divorce

For rent sign on rental property

If you and your spouse acquire rental property during the marriage, then it is considered marital property regardless of how the property is titled.  If divorce ensues, you and your spouse have several options for dividing your rental property. Options for Dividing Rental Property Sell the Property If neither of you want to keep the…

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