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What Is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce?

There is one significant difference between legal separation and divorce in Colorado: A divorce legally dissolves a marriage, but a legal separation does not. Couples who divorce are free to remarry….


How Do I File for Legal Separation?

You can file for legal separation at the district court in the county where you and your spouse live, or where your spouse lives. Under state law, you must have lived…


Why should I consider using a private judge for my divorce case?

In getting ready to go through the divorce process, you may find yourself lost and confused. There are several ways to approach the dissolution of your marriage, but it can be…


Will divorce impact your plans for your golden years?

Many Colorado residents facing the prospect of a divorce wonder what will happen to their retirement. The end of your marriage will certainly trigger significant changes in most areas of your…


Denver divorce attorneys share 3 social media secrets

If it sometimes seems to you like everyone is on social media, it may be because nearly everyone is. As of 2017, 89% of U.S. internet users were on Facebook. Thirty-two…


Should I hire a private judge for my divorce?

There’s a unique trend appearing among the jet set for handling divorces quickly and with less publicity than going the traditional route: private judges. But is this something you can take…