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The post-divorce parent-teacher conference

Throughout the divorce, the emphasis was always on what is best for your child. How to maintain a safe foundation as the world turned inside out. After a divorce the family…

Property Division

How to split the business during a divorce

Drawing the right line in the sand is one of many challenges in a divorce settlement. Splitting a retirement fund or bank account is more straight-forward, but valuing and then distributing…

Property Division

Property Division And High Net Worth Divorce In Colorado

Divorces can be amicable or tumultuous, but high asset divorces tend to be complicated with assets of all sorts at stake. Colorado is not a “community property” state, it is instead…


Four mistakes women over 50 make during divorce

Divorce for those over 50 (often called “gray divorce”) is becoming more and more common. However, as older couples split up, it can pose a serious threat to their financial security….


Keeping the house through a divorce

Divorce is never easy, but at least financial assets can be split using general math. When it comes to property, how do two people who lived in one house reach agreement?…

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What kind of adoption is right for me?

Whether it’s always been a lifelong dream, or if it’s a new idea that you’ve only just begun to pursue, the adoption process can be overwhelming. As you have probably already…

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Boomers Should Pay Attention To Recent Changes To Their Social Security Benefits

On February 18, 2016, the Social Security Administration issued a notice that it will phase-out two Social Security claiming strategies that may be very important to people who are near or…


Maintaining Your Sanity During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is often ranked as one of life’s most difficult and most stressful events – right behind the death of a spouse. If you are facing divorce, you may be tense…


Modifying Child Or Spousal Support Orders In The New Year

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. For people who have divorced or separated in the past, the New Year presents an opportunity to review child support and alimony….