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Property Division

Valuing Collectibles & Antiques for a Divorce

Dividing marital property can bring a great deal of stress to couples going through a divorce. The stress intensifies when it comes to valuing collectibles and antiques for purposes of a…

Property Division

What Happens to My Stock Options During Divorce?

Stock options are a confusing concept for many people. Often those who hold this type of asset assume they are worthless, but this could be a mistake. When considering the full…

Property Division

What Happens to a Mortgage During Divorce?

You will need to continue paying your mortgage during divorce proceedings, at least until you know the final decision and who will gain possession of the home. You may be able…

Property Division

How to Value a Private Medical Practice for a Divorce?

There are several ways to value a private medical practice for a divorce, but we recommend leaving this to professionals. When we handle a divorce that includes a private medical practice,…

Property Division

Valuing a Veterinary Practice for a Divorce

When you established your veterinary practice, chances are you did not anticipate that your business would be on the property division list for your divorce. Your veterinary practice is marital property…


Can I Modify a Child Support Order in Colorado?

You can modify a child support order in Colorado if you experienced a “substantial and continuing” change in your circumstances since the order was first established or since the last modification…


How Long Do You Have to Pay Spousal Support?

How long you have to pay spousal support depends on a few different factors. You can pay spousal support for a short time or continue making payments even after you retire….


How Is Spousal Support Calculated?

Colorado courts calculate spousal support using statutory guidelines. Based on how long the couple has been married, the income of each spouse, and other specific factors, the Court will decide how…


What Is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce?

There is one significant difference between legal separation and divorce in Colorado: A divorce legally dissolves a marriage, but a legal separation does not. Couples who divorce are free to remarry….