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Important Guidance for Couples Navigating High-Asset Divorce

While there are many different reasons that a couple might wind up getting divorced, even the most amicable of divorces can become complicated if there is high net-worth involved. There might…


Mediation may be a good choice for your Colorado divorce

People often approach divorce with concerns about drawn-out courtroom battles, but the there are concrete, smart steps that can be taken to avoid that scenario. One alternative that merits consideration is…

Property Division

How can I prepare for property division?

Are you wondering how your property will be divided in your upcoming divorce? Although it is largely up to the parties involved, every state has statutes that address this. For that…

Family Law

Why are same-sex couples rushing to adopt their own children?

Congratulations! You’ve married your life-long love and created a blended family with your children. While you are settling into your new relationship, it might feel like the highest hurdles have been…


How parents of children with disabilities can handle divorce

As parents, we do so much for our kids. If you are a parent of a child with a disability or special needs, you understand that often the willingness to do…

Family Law

Evergreen lawmaker jailed in contempt. What does that mean?

A state lawmaker representing Evergreen was jailed in December for contempt of court in a divorce proceeding. State Rep. Tim Leonard (R – Evergreen) was sentenced to 14 days in jail…


Gimmick wedding dates more likely to divorce

Did you know that marriages occurring on Valentine’s Day or special number days like 12/13/14, etc. are more likely to fail than a wedding on any other random date? Economists from…


Remaining financially secure during divorce

Divorce comes with many hurdles and things to consider, especially if you made the decision (mutually or individually) around the holidays. You are not alone. The end of the year not…


What is legal separation?

When couples start to think their marriage is near its end, sometimes they move to separate homes. This physical separation is not a status change in the eyes of the law….