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Child Support Archive

Below you'll find many articles covering how child support in Colorado works, what it covers, and what can affect how much child support is to be paid.

As you'll see in the below articles, determining child support payments involves more than just putting numbers into the state formula. Which is why consulting with a Child Support Lawyer is important to ensure your support payments are correct and reasonable.

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All Articles about Child Support


Consequences of Non-Payment of Child Support

The Colorado Child Support Enforcement Act administers many consequences for non-payment of child support, including taking legal and administrative action against parents who refuse to pay. When a parent falls behind…

Family Law

Does Child Support Cover Medical Costs?

Before issuing a child support order, the judge presiding over your case will make sure that you and the other parent have your child’s current and future medical needs covered. Your…


Can I Modify a Child Support Order in Colorado?

You can modify a child support order in Colorado if you experienced a “substantial and continuing” change in your circumstances since the order was first established or since the last modification…

Family Law

If You Have Joint Custody Who Pays Child Support?

Why Do I Need to Pay Child Support If I Have Shared Physical Custody of My Children? How Is Child Support Calculated in Joint Custody Cases? Does Shared Physical Custody Change…

Family Law

What Does Child Support Cover?

In Colorado, child support covers expenses related to a child’s food, clothing, housing, public school education, and health insurance. While these are basic expenses, there are more specific costs associated with…

Family Law

At What Age Does Child Support Stop in Colorado?

Under Colorado state regulations, child support orders usually continue until the child turns 19. This is the legal age of emancipation in the state. There are, however, a number of exceptions…