Does Child Support Cover Medical Costs?

Laura E. Shapiro -

Before issuing a child support order, the judge presiding over your case will make sure that you and the other parent have your child’s current and future medical needs covered.

Your child’s medical costs are just one of many issues to consider when determining child support payments.

Grandparents’ Rights in Colorado

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According to the last Census figures, more than 35,000 Colorado grandparents are raising their grandchildren. About 40% of those grandparents have cared for their grandchildren for more than five years.

So yes, grandparents can get custody of grandchildren if certain requirements are met.

How Do I File for Child Custody?

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You can file for child custody during a divorce or a legal separation. If you are a parent but not married to the child's other parent, you can still file a petition for custody.

In fact, if a child has been in your care for six months or longer, in the last six months, you are able to file whether or not you are a parent.

What Does Child Support Cover?

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In Colorado, child support covers expenses related to a child's food, clothing, housing, public school education, and health insurance.

While these are basic expenses, there are more specific costs associated with each category.

For example...

When Does Child Support End in Colorado

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Under Colorado state regulations, child support orders typically continue until the child turns 19. This is the legal age of emancipation in the state.

There are, however, a number of exceptions to this rule that could shorten or extend the time a parent needs to pay support for their child.