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The protection of divorce without actually getting divorced

There are many reasons why you and your spouse may not wish to move forward with a divorce at this time. From the many tax benefits of remaining married to religious concerns, a legal separation may be the most beneficial option for you at this time. Like other Colorado couples who make this choice, you would be wise to seek a formal separation agreement, not just a verbal agreement.

A legal separation agreement provides the many protections of divorce without actually getting divorced. Simply moving out is not a beneficial choice, and making the effort to draft a plan can be smart, as it protects both spouses as well as any minor children affected by the separation.

Co-parenting successfully after divorce

Co-parenting is not always easy, especially if a divorce has been contentious or if the parents' styles of raising children are very different. Fortunately, there are ways to successfully co-parent so that children get the happiest, healthiest experience possible. Divorce can be stressful on everyone, but parents who work together make it easier for their children to succeed. To co-parent the right way, consider these tips.

Have an open dialogue and stay positive

Staying in business together while getting a divorce

You married your business partner, but after years of disagreements you are now considering divorce. At the same time, the company you run together is making enough money to support each of you in life beyond marriage.

You don't want to give up your career or your business. How can you get past all the arguing, bitter resentment and emotional damage and still work side by side? In the right circumstances, and with agreements in writing, it can be done.

Getting divorced? Time to brush up on financial knowledge

Whether you are in a stable marriage or are looking at a possible divorce, the fact is life can throw you a curve ball in an instant and leave you on uncertain ground. This is especially true for the spouse who has stayed at home to care for the kids while the "bread-winner" handled all the financial matters, from weekly paycheck deposits to balancing the checkbook.

If you no longer have the in-house accountant watching the books, would you know how to care for the family funds? It's time to make sure you have some basic understanding of good money management habits.

Why are more Baby Boomers divorcing?

Though divorce rates are decreasing for younger adults, a new study by the Pew Foundation tells us that so-called "gray divorce" is increasing. For adults 50 years of age and older, the divorce rate has nearly doubled in the past 25 years, according to Pew's research. Now, the rate of divorce for married people over 50 is 10 in 1000, which is double what it was in 1990, and among those 65 and older, the rate has tripled.

Important Guidance for Couples Navigating High-Asset Divorce

While there are many different reasons that a couple might wind up getting divorced, even the most amicable of divorces can become complicated if there is a high net-worth involved. There might be multiple properties to allocate, a family business that must be divided, and investment portfolios that must be addressed.

This process becomes even more complicated if there are children involved. As a result, couples with significant assets should keep a few legal tips in mind to ensure that they minimize the cost of the divorce process and obtain a fair divorce settlement. 

Mediation may be a good choice for your Colorado divorce

People often approach divorce with concerns about drawn-out courtroom battles, but the there are concrete, smart steps that can be taken to avoid that scenario. One alternative that merits consideration is mediation, which we regularly facilitate in our law office.

How can I prepare for property division?  

Are you wondering how your property will be divided in your upcoming divorce? Although it is largely up to the parties involved, every state has statutes that address this. For that reason, you will likely need help making good arguments for why you should get what is rightfully yours.

It is important to know that in Colorado, there is no "community property" law. Colorado is what is known as an "equitable division" state. Therefore it is important to discuss with your lawyer what you believe to be fair.

Why are same-sex couples rushing to adopt their own children?

Congratulations! You've married your life-long love and created a blended family with your children. While you are settling into your new relationship, it might feel like the highest hurdles have been overcome. But whether you have biological and non-biological children there are additional steps you might want to take to protect their future and your custody rights.


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