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Do you want to keep running a business together after divorce?

At one time, your relationship was strong enough that you decided to start a business together. Perhaps you were both tired of working for someone else and decided to take the plunge. Then, as time went on, your marriage began to flounder.

Perhaps your working relationship felt the strain, but you and your spouse managed to continue working together regardless. Now that you face divorce, the fate of your business hangs in the balance. Can you continue working together and keep your business on the road to success? 

The benefits of peaceful co-parenting after a divorce

Co-parenting protects your children from the physical and psychological effects of your divorce

Going through a divorce, even an amicable one, can be excruciating. But as physically and psychologically draining as dissolving your marriage can be on the adults involved, divorce can be even harder on your children. Fortunately, just because you're getting divorced doesn't mean your children are doomed to suffer. Healthy co-parenting relationships are shown to mitigate the effects of divorce on children.

How a prenuptial agreement can protect your business

Getting married can be one of the many highlights of your life, especially if you are marrying your business partner. As you prepare to walk down the aisle, you may have many details you hope to finish in order to make your day as perfect as possible. While you may want to only focus on the bright and positive aspects of your choice to wed, other less exciting legal details may also need to be addressed.

What should you do if your future spouse broaches the topic of a prenuptial agreement? Initially, you may feel shocked and confused as to why he or she would bring up a document which contemplates divorce. However, you may want to take the time to consider the request as it could prove beneficial for both of you, especially if you have a business together that you want to protect.

Co-parenting tips to send kids back to school after a divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce is difficult enough. Your relationship with your ex-spouse evolves, requiring each of you to work with the other and adapt to your new roles. Communicating and creating consistency for your children is challenging even when a marriage is intact.

When the summer winds to a close and your children head back to the classroom, successful co-parenting can seem impossible, especially if this is your first school year post-divorce. Here are four tips to help you and your co-parent get ahead of the curve, avoid conflict and create a comfortable life for your kids.

Mediation: Simplifying and taking the stress out of your divorce

The end of a marriage is a stressful time for Colorado couples, and for this reason, many work to find ways to make the legal process simpler and easier. One of the ways that a couple can take some of the stress and complication out of this difficult process is by learning more about mediation. Mediation is often required by Colorado courts, so it's a good idea to ask your attorney to educate you on the process.

How do you know if mediation will work for you?

Denver divorce attorneys share 3 social media secrets

If it sometimes seems to you like everyone is on social media, it may be because nearly everyone is. As of 2017, 89% of U.S. internet users were on Facebook. Thirty-two percent were on Facebook's next biggest competitor, Instagram. And from checking in at our favorite restaurants to status updates and posting pictures, people spend a lot of time on their accounts-76% of Facebook users log in at least once per day.

But if you're considering or going through a divorce, now is a good time to take a step back from the screen. More than half of adults have posted something they regret afterward, and one in six people post something they regret at least once a week! Unfortunately, those mistakes can come back to haunt you. Your social media accounts, emails, and texts are all subject to discovery and may be used against you.

Here are three big social media mistakes we caution our clients about:

5 reasons mediation may be right for your divorce

When most people think about divorce, they envision a drawn-out courtroom drama that results in hurt feelings and huge fees. But before the judge strikes his or her gavel, the State of Colorado requires couples attempt mediation, a process where a neutral third party helps you and your spouse settle the outstanding issues surrounding your divorce.

For some couples, mediation can less painful, less time consuming and less expensive alternative to litigation. Here are five reasons mediation might be the right path for you and your spouse.

How much child support can I get?

Going from a two-parent household to a one parent household can be a real challenge, especially financially. Children's needs still have to be met, so Colorado requires the payment of child support.

If you are the custodial parent, you likely have a lot of questions about what this means for you. Such as: How much can I collect? When will support payments stop? What if the payer refuses to make payments?

Should I hire a private judge for my divorce?

There's a unique trend appearing among the jet set for handling divorces quickly and with less publicity than going the traditional route: private judges. But is this something you can take advantage of as an ordinary person without Hollywood connections? Yes, Colorado does allow privately hired judges to hear and rule on a variety of cases, including divorce. The important question you may be asking, however, is: will it work for me?

Here, we have put together a handful of things to consider when choosing whether a private judge might be a good option for your divorce.

How divorce selfies are affecting how marriages end

You may have seen them on Instagram or Facebook. Couples posting divorce selfies are attracting a lot of attention and some criticism as well. Many of the couples are smiling, even mugging for the camera, displaying their signed divorce documents or posing outside the courthouse where they filed for divorce.

The pictures' captions tell a story, too. These couples do not express the bitterness, anger or hostility commonly felt after a divorce. Instead, they tell of gratitude and goodwill.

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