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So, you've signed the divorce decree and you're finally completely free, right?

Not necessarily.

Jobs change or are lost, living situations change, and life events happen. All of these things can affect child support, custody, and maintenance.

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Divorce Certificate being cut in half

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Private School Tuition After Divorce

Colorado statutes require parents to share the cost of education and childcare following a divorce. However, many parents still have questions and concerns when it comes to how to pay for…


Can I Modify a Child Support Order in Colorado?

You can modify a child support order in Colorado if you experienced a “substantial and continuing” change in your circumstances since the order was first established or since the last modification…


Do you want to keep running a business together after divorce?

At one time, your relationship was strong enough that you decided to start a business together. Perhaps you were both tired of working for someone else and decided to take the…


The benefits of peaceful co-parenting after a divorce

Co-parenting protects your children from the physical and psychological effects of your divorce Going through a divorce, even an amicable one, can be excruciating. But as physically and psychologically draining as…


Co-parenting tips to send kids back to school after a divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce is difficult enough. Your relationship with your ex-spouse evolves, requiring each of you to work with the other and adapt to your new roles. Communicating and creating…


How divorce selfies are affecting how marriages end

You may have seen them on Instagram or Facebook. Couples posting divorce selfies are attracting a lot of attention and some criticism as well. Many of the couples are smiling, even…